Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED

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Product Features
Semi Automatic
Automatic Shock
Audio Cues
description toggle Semi-Auto prompts rescuers to push shock button if defibrillation is needed. Automatic units deliver shock without push of a button if needed.
description toggle AED owners are legally responsible for their units. Track and manage your AEDs, expiration dates and CPR certifications with our digital platform.
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The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is uniquely designed for use by laypersons with little to no formal AED training. It’s ideal for both public and commercial settings where the first person to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event will often lack medical training.

  • AED will determine the victim's defibrillation needs and deliver a shock only if needed.
  • Easy maintenance - the AED will perform weekly and monthly self-tests to keep it optimized for on-the-fly use.
  • Battery Charge Pak and pads are designed for synchronized replacement, making remembering expirations dates easier.


  • 1 Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED: Choose between automatic or semi-automatic shock.
  • 1 Set QUIK-PAK Pads
  • 1 CHARGE-PAK Battery
  • 1 Semi-Ridgid Carrying Case
  • 1 AED Check Tag: Use to note battery and pad expirations and regular monthly checks.
  • 1 AED Window Decal: Lets employees and guests know an AED is present in the building.
  • 1 CPR Response Kit: Includes (1) pair of LG nitrile gloves, (1) CPR pocket mask with O2 inlet, (1) pair of shears, (1) chest hair razor, (1) hand sanitizing alcohol wipe.
  • 1 Physician's Prescription: FDA requires all AEDs have a physician's prescription.
Condition New
Features Semi Automatic, Automatic Shock, Audio Cues
IP Rating IP55: Protected from limited dust ingress. Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.
Language English Only
Manufacturer Physio-Control
Warranty 8 Year from Physio-Control