Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Pro AED

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Product Features
Semi Automatic
Automatic Shock
Audio Cues
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The Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Pro is a fully equipped AED which is ideal for medical professionals. 

  • RescueCoach and CPR Metronome help pace rescuers through CPR chest compressions.
  • Rescue Ready Technology: AED components such as battery, pads, software and hardware are self-checked daily to help ensure readiness.
  • Manual Overridee provides the ability to give trained rescuers more control over the situation.
  • Color Display Screen is full color for ECG display
  • Multiple Rescue Capatilies: Ability to administer multiple rescues and monitor patient during and after cardiac arrest event.


  • 1 Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Pro AED
  • 2 Sets Adults Pads: For use on adult patients
  • 1 Set Pediatric Pads: For use on patients under 55 lb.
  • 1 G3 Pro Soft Carry Case: Helps protect AED from dust and direct
  • 1 G3 Pro Battery
  • 1 G3 Pro ECG Cable: Cable for Lead II ECG viewing and a 3 pack of ECG electrodes
  • 1 G3 Pro IR Cable: Allows change of the Powerheart G3 Pro operational functions or to download rescue data.
  • 1 Physician's Prescription: FDA requires all AEDs have a physician's prescription.
  • 1 AED Check Tag: Use to note battery and pad expirations and regular monthly checks.
  • 1 CPR Response Kit: Includes (1) pair of LG nitrile gloves, (1) CPR pocket mask with O2 inlet, (1) pair of shears, (1) chest hair razor, (1) hand sanitizing alcohol wipe.
  • 1 AED Window Decal: Lets employees and guests know an AED is present in the building.
  • 1 AED Wall Sign: Clear visual cue lets rescuers know where the AED is located.
  • 1 Year LifeShield AED Compliance Management: Includes AED registration, medical direction and AED oversight.
  • 1 Alarmed Wall Cabinet: Prevents tampering and lets those nearby know there is an emergency.
Condition New
Features Semi Automatic, Automatic Shock, Audio Cues
IP Rating IP24: Protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 millimeters. Protected from water spray from any direction.
Language English Only
Manufacturer Cardiac Science
Warranty 7 Years from Cardiac Science