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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ideal for professional responders.

  • ZOLL See-Thru CPR lets rescuer see the underlying cardiac rhythm to know if shock was successful without having to stop chest compressions.
  • Metronome built into AED to help rescuer maintain ideal chest compression pace.
  • Compatible with two battery options - rechargeable battery or long-life disposable battery.
  • Built with rubber over-molds for added durability.
  • Use built in, internal memory or add extra storage with an external USB.
  • Compatible with ZOLL professional defibrillators including ZOLL E Series, R Series, and M Series.

What's Included?

  • 1  ZOLL AED Pro
  • 1 ZOLL AED Pro Non-Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 Set ZOLL Stat Padz II: For use on adult patients
  • 1 ZOLL AED Pro Soft Carry Case: Holds the AED securely with a back pocket to store your spare electrodes. 
  • 1 CPR Response Kit: Includes (1) pair of LG nitrile gloves, (1) CPR pocket mask with O2 inlet, (1) pair of shears, (1) chest hair razor, (1) hand sanitizing alcohol wipe.

  • 1 Physician's Prescription: FDA requires all AEDs have a physician's prescription.
  • 1 AED Check Tag: Use to note battery and pad expirations and regular monthly checks.
AED Type Semi-Automatic
Compatible Batteries Non-Rechargeable 0970-0361, Rechargeable 8019-0535-01
Compatible Pads Stat-Padz II 0970-0520, CPR-D Padz 0970-0500, Pedi-Padz II 0970-0519
Condition New
Display Type ECG Display
Features Semi Automatic, Visual Cues, Audio Cues
IP Rating IP55: Protected from limited dust ingress. Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.
Language English Only
Manufacturer ZOLL
Warranty 5 Year from ZOLL